Project Type: New build

Programme: 52 weeks

Location: Graven Hill, Bicester

This new build, 3 bedroom house is truly unique. Situated on the old army barracks at Graven Hill, Bicester, the design mirrors many of the old military buildings in it's square form, tower like design. 


However, this is where all similarities with the military ends. At 2.5 storeys, the building stretches 11m into the air, with light cascading down from top to bottom, via the 6 panel modular rooflight at the top of the 6m high, first floor living room ceiling, which leads down via the open plan, face-brickwork staircase, to the bespoke kitchen.

The building is also extremely environmentally friendly and efficient, with passive-house standards of airtightness and thermal performance, along with the incorporation of a mechanically vented heat recovery system, which gathers warm air from bathrooms etc. and recirculates this to other living areas.

  • Unique and bespoke architectural design

  • Double storey kitchen and living areas

  • Extremely high levels of thermal performance and air leakage

  • Wonderful double storey open plan living areas

  • Cantilevered carport to utilise space on the plot